About Me

I'm a self-motivated and resourceful entrepreneur with an expansive career spanning over two decades in various industries, including Management, sales, customer service, and business ownership. I've always been drawn to opportunities where I can leverage my diverse skill set and provide valuable services to my customers.

I currently serve as the owner-operator of JNRF Marketing, a Pennsylvania-based company specializing in online advertising and marketing. With a knack for management and mentoring, I have successfully established a home-based business model that offers practical solutions to various online marketing challenges.

Before JNRF Marketing, I dedicated a decade to JAF Services, a customer-centric business based in Olean, New York. The company offered various services, including home repairs, auto repairs, electrical work, and landscaping, based on each customer's unique needs. My hands-on experience in electrical wiring, handyman services, and landscaping, coupled with my negotiation skills, was instrumental in driving the success of this venture.

My entrepreneurial journey began with Southland Auto Sales; a hometown used car dealership in Little Valley, New York. As the owner and operator, I honed my skills in customer satisfaction, sales management, automotive repair, and specializing in Subaru vehicles.

Before stepping into the entrepreneurial world, I held the position of Field Supervisor at Green Please, a landscaping company in Stuart, Florida. In this role, I oversaw off-site operations, managed a team of 60 workers, and maintained strong customer relationships.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them navigate the world of home-based businesses. I believe in the power of hard work, resilience, and a positive mindset, and I strive to instill these values in those I mentor. With a reputation as a go-getter, I'm always ready to take on the next challenge and find innovative solutions to complex problems.

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